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Just as with human surgeries, your pet may need anesthesia during his or her surgical procedure at an animal hospital. Anesthesia keeps your pet comfortable so he or she doesn't feel pain during surgery.

Many St. Petersburg, FL pet owners are wary about anesthesia. But anesthesia is considered a safe drug; only about 1 in 10,000 pets will experience a problem. The veterinarians at Bayshore Animal Hospital & Avian Practice follow many safety practices to make sure your pet has a successful surgery.

How We Keep Your Pet Safe During Surgery

The veterinarians at our veterinary hospital in St. Petersburg, FL use a variety of strategies to take care of your pet while he or she is under
anesthesia. These methods include:
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Using proper levels. Our veterinarians use the right level of anesthesia for your pet to prevent pain without causing health problems. We
also utilize modern fluid pumps to give your pet the precise amount of medication and vital fluids he or she needs.

Monitoring your pet. Several technicians and assistants monitor your pet during surgery. We also use high-tech monitoring devices. These
monitors update us on your pet's vital signs, including pulse rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. If your pet experiences a problem,
we'll know right away.

Keeping your pet comfortable. Your pet's comfort is important to us, so we give your pet warming blankets to prevent hypothermia
during surgery. We also use safe anesthetics that quickly leave your pet's system after the surgery.
Our veterinarians will let you know when it's okay to take your pet home, and provide you with steps to take to make sure he or she recovers
after the surgery. If you have any concerns about anesthesia, talk to your veterinarian.

If your pet needs surgery, call our animal hospital in St. Petersburg, FL today at (727) 381-3900.